Monday 30 September 2013

The end of week two...

...or more correctly, the beginning of week three.

With two full weeks done, whatever easing in we experienced is certainly over. The workload now is, we're informed, as hefty as it will ever get during ground school and we're all aware that we're almost half way to our Test Ones, the first real progress tests of the course.

Most of us took the opportunity to do a lot of work in the couple of days prior to the weekend and thereby give ourselves a bit of down time to relax at the weekend, but the timetable for this weekend is looking intense so relaxation time in the next few days will be at a premium. There is also a bout of 'fresher's flu' going around the class as well, not that we have the time to be ill; as we must by law attend 750 of our 751 scheduled hours of lessons there is no opportunity to lose a day to the sniffles.

That said, don't let me make you think that I'm not enjoying the experience. Now that the groundwork has been laid in all the subjects we're getting to the more detailed, more useful information that will be relevant when we're doing the job in the real world so hard as it may be becoming, it's all worth it.

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